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Epoxy mesh cloth

  • Min. Order:500 Kilogram(s)
  • Date of Delivery:5 days
  • Payment Type:T/T
  • Port:shanghai
Henan Yuguan Electrical Material Co.,ltd
Shanghai, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: Insulation paper series
Model No.: Yuguan-a1 Brand: Yuguan Place of Origin: China

I. product use:

Epoxy glass mesh cloth is widely used in dry transformer coil and reactor coil with filler casting, for inner and outer coating of coil and insulation between layers.It is firmly combined with epoxy resin of casting coil to enhance the anti-cracking performance of casting coil.The mesh cloth is just like the steel bar in concrete, which can prevent the insulation layer cracking caused by the cold and hot effect of the casting coil and the huge electric power generated by the sudden short circuit of the coil, and greatly improve the overall mechanical strength of the coil.As the main insulation between layers, the mesh cloth used for insulation between coil layers can improve the thoroughness and integrity of resin pouring, prevent faults and cracking inside the coil, improve the insulation level and mechanical strength of the coil, and is an ideal substitute for glass fiber tape and DMD.

Ii. Structural features:

1. The product is made of high-quality glass fiber yarn without alkali and wax, which is woven into various specifications of mesh cloth. After heat drying and dehydration, it is soaked in epoxy resin mixture with unique formula, which is solidified by heat drying and glue dripping at medium temperature.

2, according to the nature of the impregnated resin, the products are divided into solvent mesh cloth and solvent-free mesh cloth.The main differences between the two kinds of grid cloth are as follows:

2.1 different impregnated resins: the impregnated resin with solvent mesh cloth contains acetone volatile solvent, the impregnated resin without solvent mesh cloth is pure resin, and the volatile solvent without acetone is not, and the volatile content in the finished solvent-free mesh cloth is relatively low.

2.2 different impregnation processes: some solvent mesh cloth is impregnated in room temperature air, and the mesh cloth is in an opaque state;Solventless mesh is impregnated at medium temperature under vacuum pressure and the mesh is transparent.

2.3 different amount of glue: the proportion of resin in solderless mesh cloth is much higher than that in solvent mesh cloth, about twice as much as that in solvent mesh cloth.

2.4 different applications: solderless mesh is suitable for insulation between layers of coils, and there is no partial discharge under very high electric field intensity. The solderless mesh can reduce the thickness of insulation between layers, which is conducive to the small size of coils, especially for dry transformer coils of 20 and 35 kV.The solvent grid cloth is suitable for the internal and external insulation of the coil. When the field strength between layers of the coil is low, the solvent grid cloth can also be used as the insulation between layers, which can be used for dry transformer coils with voltage grades of 10kV and below.

3. The mesh cloth can be divided into "F" and "H" grades according to the temperature tolerance grade of the impregnated resin. The corresponding mesh cloth is selected according to the temperature tolerance grade of the coil pouring resin, usually "F" grade.The grid cloth not only has high mechanical strength at room temperature, but also has high mechanical strength at high temperature, which can ensure the safe and reliable operation of casting transformer and reactor at overload high temperature.

4. Mesh cloth is a kind of environmental protection product. In the process of use, no glass fiber yarn flies out;In the past, the glass fiber blanket used in the transformer coil without packing is composed of chopped glass fiber yarn. During the use, it is easy to be permeated in the air and easily inhaled by operators, which will cause serious harm to the body.Mesh cloth is an ideal substitute for fiberglass felt.

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